Dear MIMsters: My Son’s Affliction is Killing me

My little son who is a year and two months old has such a sensitive skin. I’ve noticed this ever since I gave birth to him. He keeps going from one kind of rash to another. I really can’t remember anytime my son’s skin has been ever free of rash but this particular affliction is killing me.

These rashes are very small but each one has a pus in it. It’s very itchy and painful too. There is nothing I have not tried like baby tribotan, cloritomazole creams etc. The doctor even gave me medications; injections, creams and antibiotics that actually worked for some time but they always return.

I have used native soaps and concoction. I even tried changing his soaps, sponges and towels. I now use only all Chico products for him because I was told they help in keeping rashes at bay but no improvement yet. I have given antibiotics prescribed by doctors, some by friends and family, some of them just work for sometime and before I say, “Jack Robinson,” it’s back. The pic I attached is just on his butt but this rash is all over. I mean it can appear anywhere even on his head.

Dear Mimsters, I only want a solution that will free my son from this affiliction. This whole thing is driving me crazy, I am so sick and tired of it.

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“Dear MIMsters: My Son’s Affliction is Killing me”

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