Nigerian Man Refuses to Use Condoms After Wife Found out He is HIV Positive

A Nigerian woman took to social media to share her matrimonial problems as her Nigerian husband has refused to use condoms even after testing positive to HIV.

The disturbed woman also revealed that her man lied about his status but she found out and he has since refused to use condoms when initiating sex.

According to the disturbing post shared by blogger, Amanda Chisom, the lady in question needs advice on what to do as her parents are pressuring her to end the marriage, which is not even up to a year.

”Please hide my ID. I saw my hubby taking some drugs last month, I asked what does the drugs work for, he said he was having malaria. Only for him to wake me up mid of the night and say we need to discuss.

He told me that he tested HIV positive. Amanda, that night I cried my eyes out.

Eventually, I went for my own HIV test it came out negative. My husband swore that he has never cheated on me that he doesn’t know how he got infected.

He is now making me feel guilty about his status telling me if I love him I will stay, has been preaching to me since.

We just got married this year I don’t have any child neither am I pregnant. My parents said I will not continue with the marriage, I’m feeling for my hubby. I don’t know what to do.

I don’t want to take decision I will regret in the future. I forgot to also add he said if I love him I will not mind contracting the virus from him and he has refused to use a condom with me. He said he can never use it on his wife.

Please I need advice.”

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“Nigerian Man Refuses to Use Condoms After Wife Found out He is HIV Positive”
  • Please don’t let that guy kill you, what in God’s name is that???? If you love him you won’t mind contacting the virus, really??? Please tread with serious caution, if you are the one with the virus. your entire load will be outside by now. Am not the one that will ask you to leave your marriage but I guarantee you that he knows of his status before your marriage and his plan was to infect you as well. Count yourself lucky and thank God his evil plans didn’t work, tread with caution and use your tongue to count your teeth. Enough said already. #Feargripme

  • Mrs Woman,he doesnt love you,infact he is wicked and selfish. Why would someone who claims to love try and destroy ur life in the name of love????If u were d one who contracted HIV,would he stay?pls,find ur square root quick quick. And he is lying to you about how he contracted it.My sister,better no allow mey your own love blind.shine ur eyes well well,nd let ur brain be calculating. To have gotten married tgis year,u mst stil be young.dnt strt living a life dependent on drugs. What about kids u gon produce togeva? What will be their fate?.Mehn,dts utter wickedness.

  • This is a hard one. Though you are negative now, it might still show positive after some months or years. Tell your husband to give some time cos he is sensing he looking for pity even though he lied to you. Because if he is the one that is negative he will run to marry another woman.

  • Its vise versa will he like to contact it from you if you were in his shoes? Follow your instinct, but couples with aids can manage it if drugs are used properly and they also have children in which the child doesnt have it. Seek medical advice too

  • Instead of you to run, you are there asking what to do. That man doesn’t love you one bit. He is wicked and selfish that’s why he wants to infect you with the virus. A man who truly loves you, will think of ways you won’t contract the virus.

  • Plz answer this question truthfully to yourself. If you are the one with the virus, will he let you infect him? The answer is a capital NO. Run now before it’s too late!

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