Dear MIMsters: Am I Safe with a Man Who Hates His Twin Sister?


My fiancé happens to be a twin and I have realised that he hates his twin sister so much. The sight of his twin sister disgusts him that anytime they are together, they bicker and fight. His sister is the only female in the family of four children, so I just don’t understand why he hates her so much.

His twin sister spoke to me about this matter. She said that she can’t seem to figure out why her brother, my fiancé hates her so much and that it has been like that since they were little kids. She said she really loves her twin brother and wants me to help them reconcile.

How do I go about this? Our introduction is coming up next week. I want to know if I am safe with this type of man who hates his own twin sister, yet he shows me so much love like I am the best thing that has ever happened to him after Jesus. What do you think I should do and how should I handle this?

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“Dear MIMsters: Am I Safe with a Man Who Hates His Twin Sister?”

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