Testimony: What Happened After I was Told I Won’t be Able to Conceive Due to My Infection and Fibroids

Two weeks after my wedding, I complained on this platform about the pains I feel when having sex with hubby. I took the advises offered to me and went to the hospital where I was referred for a scan. After getting the scan done, the lab technician told me that I have an infection and small growth of fibroids.

He warned that if the infection is not treated, I won’t be able to conceive. He told me not to worry about the fibroids because they are so small but advised that the infection be treated ASAP.

Scared,  I took the result back to my doctor who told me she won’t treat me until after my period. I told hubby the result and we prayed, waiting for my period to come so as to commence treatment ASAP. I keep on telling God it’s him who owns my body and he’s the perfect physician. I missed my period but I still was not convinced because I read somewhere that when you have infection, it’s possible to miss your period.

Back at the hospital, I explained to the doctor who recommended a blood pregnancy test but I told her that the infection could be responsible for my missed period. After so much persuasion by the doctor, I went for the blood test, and behold the great physician had worked on me and has answered my prayer by blessing me with the fruit of the womb, despite the lab technician’s result.

I pray that the great physician tend to anyone having difficulties conceiving. He is going to perfect your testimony this month in Jesus name.

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“Testimony: What Happened After I was Told I Won’t be Able to Conceive Due to My Infection and Fibroids”

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