AY’s Wife, Mabel Makun has a Stern Warning for Heavily Pregnant Freda Francis

On her Instagram page, Mabel Makun, wife of A-list comdeian, AY published a screenshot of text messages supposedly exchanged between her husband and Freda Francis and captions it with a warning.

The beautiful mother of one wrote: “I think I have had enough of this ridiculing. Freda Francis stay away from my family and I mean it.”

Meanwhile Freda Francis, former girlfriend of singer, Iyanyan is said to be heavily pregnant.

See screenshot of text messages reportedly between AY and Freda Francis below….

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“AY’s Wife, Mabel Makun has a Stern Warning for Heavily Pregnant Freda Francis”
  • For this woman to put her husband out there like this, she must have had enough, it didn’t just start today. This is stupidity to say the least, you’re heavily pregnant and you’re asking another man to come and collect???? Who the heck is the father of your child, abi na another aristo like the one you’re asking to come and collect? Olosho babe, go and have some seats in the trash.

  • Women excusing men since 19kpirindi and bashing side Chics
    You left ur man u have something in common with to bash a gold digger whonis after her purse,tell ur husband to stop bringing disgrace to ur matrimonial bed joor

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