Dear MIMsters: Is this Problem Mine Alone to Bear?

I got married in 2012. This is my fifth year in marriage without a baby. What makes my case even worse is that my husband has refused to talk about finding a solution with me much less paying a visit to a  gynaecologist to find out what the problem is.

So, last year in 2016, I personally went to see a doctor. After a series of scans and tests, the doctor declared me Ok but asked me to bring my hubby after I begged him to check my hubby.

It was with so much persuasion my husband finally agreed to go to the hospital with me. We discovered that his sperm is not good at all and he was given some drugs to treat his sperm but my husband refused to take the drugs as prescribed by doctor. Again, after much persuasion, it took him some months to finish his drugs.

We were told to report to the hospital after the completion of his drugs but now he does not want to go. Anytime I raise up the topic of visiting the doctor, he ends up insulting or telling me that I am talking rubbish. Why is he acting as if this is only my problem. How do I handle this or get him to co-operate. I don’t know what to do.

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“Dear MIMsters: Is this Problem Mine Alone to Bear?”

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