6 Success Habits To Teach Your Child

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According to bestselling Rich Habits author and blogger, Tom Corley, about 40 percent of our everyday thought patterns, choices and activities are habits we learnt from our social environment. That is, our parents, siblings, teachers and friends. As someone once said, your networth to the world is what is left after your bad habits have been subtracted from your good ones. I want to believe that as parents, we would want our offspring to be of even greater value to the world than we were. So here are a few basic habits you could instil in your child that would set them on a guaranteed path to success.

1. Eat Rainbows

If they are going to have a good self image, they have to watch what they eat. You don’t want your kids to be teased because they are overweight, too thin or have funny skin color, do you? If it’s a gene thing, then yes, defend your kids and teach them to be confident in themselves but if it’s because they don’t have healthy eating habits? Some of it is on you. However, it’s never too early or late to start teaching your child healthy eating habits.

Eating a lot of greens like broccoli and cucumber is not really what we mean by eating healthy as the media seems to highlight. Rather, eating a rainbow of colorful foods and fruits is more like it. The colors of your food and fruits are not only for beauty, they are also for different nutrients that serve to make your children beautiful inside and outside. Encourage them to eat and drink (lots of) water at the appropriate time; discourage soft drinks. Teach them about the dangers of taking in too much sugar. (We can embed a link to an article on healthy foods somewhere)

2. Time.

The whole habit thing is hinged on time. We all have many habits and we make time for them. If we’re not conscious of it, we will spend too much time doing those things that have little or no benefits and less time doing the important. As we teach our kids good habits, we have to impress the importance of timing themselves even in those important habits. Remember Jack who had the honorable habit of working? His flaw was that he worked ALL the time and didn’t balance it with playtime. He became a dull fellow, couldn’t shine his little light which I’m sure would have been very bright.

Help your children schedule themselves when they eat, sleep, play, and start right now. Now is always the right time.

3. Body Devotion

According to Tom Corey in his study of the behaviour of about 233 millionaires, he discovered that 76 percent of these millionaires exercised for at least 30 minutes everyday. Physical exercise helps both physical and mental growth, functionality and strength. Hopefully, they would also be encouraged to do some sporting activities in school, you should also encourage your kids so that they understand it’s not just something they do I  school. Reserve thirty minutes on every other Saturday or during the holidays to do aerobic exercises with them. Make it fun. You’re not starting a militia. Teach them about physical limits and how to balance between respecting those limits and pushing oneself beyond the limits. They’ll thank you for it when they grow up.

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