Dear MIMsters: My Daughter’s School Is Exposing Her to Danger

How do I handle this? My daughter’s school though good in other aspects, I have seen that they have kept exposing my child to danger.

First, was when she newly started the school. These people left my daughter alone in the care of a mechanic and a driver with the excuse that the school bus was faulty, so the school owner went to drop off those living within the estate with her own car taking and took the school bus lady with her. They left my daughter alone with a mechanic and school bus driver.

The school bus lady returned after 3pm, that is hour late than the time my daughter should be dropped off at home. When they brought her home, the panties she was wearing was wet. I was so angry, I went to the school. They defended themselves and nobody took responsibility, no one accepted to be the very person who got her pants wet. The teacher claimed they washed it after she weed on it and placed it in her bag. The school proprietress never showed any concerned, the matter just died like that. Later, they wrote an apology letter and sacked the driver.

Yesterday, I came back thinking my daughter would be dropped off at the usual time but they didn’t show up. I thought their delay was caused by a special event they had that day. After I waited and waited, I called the driver, only for him to tell me they dismissed him earlier, and because no one was else was around, he dropped her back at the school. He told me that he called me. The number he called me with was not his regular number (he called me with a number that is not saved in my contacts) and it was just one missed call.

I rushed to the school to find my daughter alone with the security man. No soul was left in school and again, my daughter was not wearing anything  and she had shit on her body and on the shorts she wore to school that morning. She is only four years old but has been potty trained. Her speech is not perfect yet, so she cannot communicate properly. How do I handle this? How do I know if my daughter has been abused?

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“Dear MIMsters: My Daughter’s School Is Exposing Her to Danger”
  • Please change her school immediately. Don’t say the session will soon end so she should manage till the end, withdraw her now. It’s too much. Also, report the school to the appropriate authority in the Lagos state government- they need to be investigated.

  • Why not create time to drop off and pick up your kid from School. As a mother it is ur primary duty to ur child to make sure she/he is protected more over I am not a fan of school bus.

  • Pls take ur child for medical chckup n withdraw her frm dat school as soon as possible at least for d little girls psycological wellbeing …..n if d result of d chck up turns out bad find a welfare office or NGO n report d case.

  • Take her to the hospital for check and then change her school but not before putting the school in it’s place. If possible, call the authorities on them what nonsense is that?

  • Take her to the hospital for check up. Change her school please but not before addressing these issues thoroughly with the school. If possible call the authorities, so it will make other parents alert.

  • You need to change to a school that understand what “Security” and “Safe” is a watch word. Why didn’t you not act by protecting your four year old daughter after the first experience ma’am.
    You have two choices, change your daughter’s school or make it a habit to drop off and pick up from school.

  • thanks for the lovely advise given. she should take full responsibility of taking her daughter to sch and picking her up in the afternoon.she should train her more on how not to shit on her body. May Almighty God help you out.

    • I am actually surprised that your child remained in the school after the first experience. One of our primary responsibilities as parents is to protect our children another is to be their shouting voice. Madam, make a case out of this, escalate this to the highest authority. If possible the school should be closed down lest there be another innocent victim. Please do not remain quiet on this. If you actually close so early that you are able to get home to wait for your child, why would you not take up the responsibilty of picking her up from school instead?

  • Kindly take her for evaluation at a hospital as soon as possible while you change her school immediately. You can make proper enquiries from friends and carry out background checks about other schools before you re-enrol her.

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