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Dear MIMster: Did I Do Anything Wrong to Deserve This Outburst?

I am seriously pained by husband’s outburst.

I have been married for 2 years now but live separately from my husband because he hasn’t been able to promptly process my papers. I have never cheated on my husband nor ever nursed any thought of doing so. I am presently 3 months pregnant by my husband (baby was conceived when he last came back to Nigeria in March).

The issue is this, I went for a church program today and forgot my phone at home because I was hurrying to meet up. When I got home after the programme, I saw 20 missed calls, most of which were from my husband. I didn’t have enough airtime to call him back so I chatted him up on messenger to explain to him how I left my phone at home to go for a church program and boom!!!

My husband went off on me and started telling me how I am a cheat. He called me a fool, liar and any other abuse you can think of. He said I should get off his wall, that I think I am smart. My problem is that I don’t understand how a man will think his pregnant wife would cheat on him just because I wasn’t reachable from 12 p.m -5 p.m today. I know he will still beg me but I am seriously emotionally pained and I don’t want such in my present condition. I have already had 2 miscarriages due to similar emotional stress. I don’t know how to forgive him when he eventually begs for forgiveness cos he hurt me so bad.

What must I do so he won’t repeat it?

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“Dear MIMster: Did I Do Anything Wrong to Deserve This Outburst?”
  • Why are men like this? When you don’t take their calls, then you are cheating. Must everything boil down to cheating? Please try and forgive him for your sake and your condition but before then, if he doesn’t talk to you, then don’t talk to him either. He needs to know he was way out of line.

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