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Dear MIMsters: How the Story of My Life Drew a Lot of Spectators to My Wedding

I’m a product of God’s grace. I’ll be 35 in October. Before now, I have gone through of a lot of psychological, physical and emotional trauma and pains, such that on my wedding day, a lot of spectators came to witness me getting married.

When I was 7 months old, according to my parents, I developed a strange skin disease which has defied all kind of medications even till this day. But, it has not stopped me from achieving greatness, despite all the discrimination, heart-wrenching tears and stigmatisation that I have endured. I don’t know the name of the disease till now, because so many doctors and traditional healers have given it so many names from rheumatism what the Igbos call “agba ojii” to chicken pox. Infact, its mysterious! But none of my siblings and my three kids have it, and I know that one day, God will give me a perfect healing.

When I got an admission into a higher institution, I nearly ran back home because of the abuse I received from my roommates but God kept and held me! Thankfully, I graduated at the age of 22, served at age 23, got a federal job when I turned 25, and got married at 29. The best is I became a mum at 30.

Infact, most people thought I wouldn’t get married due to my strange skin disease. This fact attracted a lot of people who came to witness my wedding. The crowd at my wedding was overwhelming.

Right now, I have a peaceful home, even though there has been some ups and downs, and to crown it all, I have been able to conceive so easily, not minding my plus size, Lol. What’s more, just this month, I was promoted to the level of GL 12!

I am writing this to encourage someone, anyone that no matter what you are passing through, believe that one day, you will look back and have a reason to share your testimony by God’s grace. Just do not touch that dial of your faith!

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“Dear MIMsters: How the Story of My Life Drew a Lot of Spectators to My Wedding”

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