Dear MIMster: Raising My Step-Kids Like Mine But One Baby Mama Isn’t Pleased

I’m one young lady with three kids. I actually got to know that my hubby has two kids from two different women after our wedding. He got them pregnant while in school. He only came to find out about the existence of one years after. These boys are now nine and eight years-old respectively. Had no idea I was going to become a mother to step-kids.

I got to know when my father-in-law sat me down and told me. I almost died when I heard it. I was already pregnant with my first child when he told me. I confronted my husband. He began to cry and said he was sorry he didn’t tell me because he thought I won’t marry him if he had known.

He promised me to be a good man and told me that he was a changed person. He has been keeping that for he’s been such a wonderful husband that will not want anything to hurt me, he loves me dearly.

My problem is with the mother of the eight years old boy. I forget to mention that before my FIL died, he begged me to accept the two boys which I did. Everything is fine but this particular woman keeps causing trouble even though she’s married with kids.

She came to pick up her son, Alex for Sallah and it was on that same day she told his dad. I instructed my nanny to pick up just few a clothes for him. This is because whenever she picks up this boy, she will not return all his clothes and I will be forced to buy him another set. My husband had even warned me not to give him more than 3 sets clothes but I would always disobey by putting in a few more for him. But on this certain day.

When I returned, my husband gave me his phone to see the insulting messages she sent about me. She wrote that I am the one influencing and controlling my husband, that I am treating her son like a slave. She threatened to take the boy in September and keep him with her. This is a child I treat well like mine and make sure he gets everything he needs because I don’t want people to say I’m mal treating him.

I am worried about what I will tell people who already know me as the child’s mom? I love this boy so much you won’t even know that I am not his mom. My hubby angrily told his ex to keep the child since her  wahala is too much.

Alex just came back now and told me his mum is looking for another school for him and he doesn’t want that. My fears are this will affect his relationship with his dad because my hubby will not give her anything to take care of Alex and people will think I was the one who made him leave. I’m confused while my husband is tired and doesn’t care anymore. I need advise on what to do.


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“Dear MIMster: Raising My Step-Kids Like Mine But One Baby Mama Isn’t Pleased”

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