“We’re Pregnant!” Five Mothers Reveal Exciting Ways To Announce a Pregnancy

Grace Irofa

To announce the big news can be one of the most meaningful, memorable, and simply fun part of pregnancy. Telling your family that you’re expecting can be so exciting, especially if your loved ones have been not-so-patiently pushing for a baby.

Although it can be tempting to just blurt it out, the best announcements I’ve seen are from couples who got really creative and came up with some truly amazing ways to share the news. So, make your next pregnancy announcement a memorable one.

Get some ideas from these mums:

Makhosazana Nkosan, mum to Yolanda (7) and Wandile (3)
We told our parents by taking each of them out to lunch and giving our mothers “just a little something we saw and thought they would like.” The gift was a wrapped bib that said, “I Love Grandma.” It took a few seconds for them to realize what the bib meant and their reaction was shock, then, complete happiness and tears. An amazing moment!

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Goodbye Tampons! – Theresa Edioye, mum to Skylar (3 months old)
To announce my pregnancy to my little sister, I gave her a box of tampons. She gave me a look like I was stupid and said: “What are these for?” I said, “I won’t be needing these for the next 9 months, so I thought you could use them!” She was so caught off guard!

Sweet Treat – Tyna Isado, mum to Simon (3 months old)
We were going to my parents’ house for dinner and wanted to surprise them by telling them we were pregnant. We told them we would bring the dessert, so we picked up an ice cream cake and had “We’re Pregnant” written on it. It was hard to keep quiet all through dinner, both were very excited about the tasty dessert and the good news it bore. Seven months later we played hangman to reveal the name we had chosen for our little Ella Rose.

Wake-Up Call – Ebele Oputa, mum to Godswill (6 months old)
I was getting discouraged after trying to get pregnant for a few months and had no desire to face another pregnancy test. One morning I got up early (5 a.m.) and decided if I was going to take the test today, this was the time to do it. When I saw the positive result, I literally had to rub my eyes (yes, like a cartoon character) and looked again.

I heard my husband stirring in the bedroom so I ran downstairs and put the test in a Ziploc bag and rushed back up to put it on his pillow. I pretended I was sleeping when he literally laid his head down on it. It was amazing to watch him look at the test as he suddenly realized what I meant to tell.

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Hallmark Moment – Rosane
To announce the news to my mum (she lives in a different state), I photocopied my first ultrasound pictures on a colour copier and then took a large piece of white paper and cut out a diaper shape with tabs and folded it up. It opened like a baby’s diaper and I attached the ultrasound image to the inside of the diaper and wrote, “Congratulations Grandma!” I sealed the diaper, enclosed using a bit of rolled tape and put in envelopes to mail off.

After that my hubby put together a video of us listening to the heartbeat for the first time with music playing. Later, I was on the phone with my mum and told her I e-mailed her a song I wanted her to listen to. So she was listening to it then bam, the video shows us talking and listening to our baby’s heartbeat.


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