Dear MIMsters: My Husband Has Crossed the Line Right Under My Nose and It’s Heartbreaking

My husband has crossed the line right under my nose and it is not looking good at all.

I work with my husband in his company as the manager. I travelled for a one week holiday so my husband had to be around to manage the work since that is how we alternate. He is usually very strict with the workers but when I returned, I noticed he became free with one particular sales girl. But I didn’t think much of it.

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He told me he wanted to travel with the girl to take stock in another branch. I was surprised but I agreed because I have been ill since I got back. When they got to the city where the other branch is, we were communicating and I realised they were done with the work and could return immediately. To my surprise, he said they would spend the night and leave the next day.

I asked him where the Salesgirl was going to sleep. We have two furnished apartments in that city. So, I suggested he checks her into a hotel whiles he sleeps in the apartment. Throughout the night, I called my husband and he didn’t answer my call.

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The next day, he called me. I asked where the salesgirl slept and he said she slept in the next apartment. I was surprised and angry because that wasn’t the agreement. Since they got back, this girl has changed towards everyone completely. Her dressing and a whole lot has changed.

I heard that my husband was taking her out for lunch and shopping everyday when I traveled. Clearly, everything shows my HUSBAND is sleeping with this girl. They are both always online, chatting with each other. Currently, my husband has travelled. I want to confront him but I need an evidence to support my claim. Now the only evidence I can get now is their whatsapp messages. How do I go about this? How do I get the girl’s phone to check their chat?

I need your help.

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