Toyin Lawani’s Baby Daddy, Lord Trigg, Shames 80percent of Mothers

Lord Trigg also known as Trigga Kess, who was recently arrested by the Police for his inability to pay his hotel bills, took to Instagram to lament recently, stating that in his opinion, mothers are whores. He said this in reaction to Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s drama.

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Trigg was once romantically involved with fashion designer Toyin Lawani, CEO of Tiannah’s Empire, who is 10 years older than him. Their relationship produced a baby boy, Lord Maine who is currently an ambassador for PayPorte.  

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His first Instagram story read:

“People out here saying shit about chynna lol. Summary of everything 80% of moms outchea today are all pathetic whores.”

Judging an entire demographic based on one isolated incident is not cool. Mothers are precious beings and as such should not be referred to as whores. A good mother will set good examples not bad ones.

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When he was called out for directing the above condescending statement to 80% of mothers today, Trigg reduced it to 60% and  excluded his mother and baby mama Toyin. He second story read:

“Fuck!!! I’m viral, this is fun but, I rephrase except my mom or my son’s mom and I drop it to 60% Loooooool “


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