“Women start to glow, when they stop worrying about men.” Married Sex Worker Tweets

A married sex worker, @ClaudiaChoxo who also has a boyfriend and calls herself a ‘womanist sex worker‘ took to twitter to address good girls who stick to the rules in a relationship.

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In the African part of the world, there are a lot of traditions that will reprimand this lady and her beliefs. they would refer to it as improper and a taboo. An example is our country Nigeria, where this is entirely unacceptable as a woman is expected to respect and love her Husband in whatever and if involved in extra marital affair, it becomes a taboo!

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According to Claudia, most good girls who play by the rules still can’t get a man with all the qualities because the society lied to women in such group, about what men want out of a woman and they bought it.


She tweeted;

“I’m a womanist sex worker with a husband and boyfriend. I dunno how you pick me’s do all that extra shit to get chose and still alone.

You abstain from promiscuity, cook, clean, have a degree, a job, no kids, are constantly trying to appease men and u still not chose. It’s almost as if… society lied to you about what men want out of a woman and you bought it.

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Make men a non motherfucking factor in how you live and operate and they will still be there, cuz men.”
Claudia further advised ladies to stop attaching so much importance to men, and they will be the one running after them saying The glow in a woman’s beauty shows more when she stops worrying about men.
This is rather disturbing. What is your thought on this?
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““Women start to glow, when they stop worrying about men.” Married Sex Worker Tweets”

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