Wife Of Wealthy Malawi Pastor, Prophet Bushiri Publicly Surprises Him With a Grand Gift Ahead of their Wedding Anniversary (Pictured)

Prophetess Mary, wife of one of the richest pastors in Africa, Prophet Sheperd Bushiri on Sunday surprised him with a 2016 Rolls Royce Ghost Series as pre wedding anniversary gift.

The pair, who have two children are set to mark their 6th wedding anniversary on July 30th. The pictures show a beaming Bushiri in an Angelo Galasso apparel, standing next to the expensive gift.

See photos below….

In his heartfelt message to his darling wife, the elated hubby wrote;

”Allow me to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thanks to my wife for the pre 30th July Anniversary gift. This may look like a show off to others but for me it is a public appreciation as any normal husband would do.
The fact I am a Prophet does not substitute the fact that I, too, am a husband. That being said, I would also want to feel the same love and appreciation every normal man would want to feel.

“Every love story has been recorded in the Bible with its own happy ending. Abraham and his wife Sarah had a lasting love built upon faith. Jacob and Rachel had a blissful union and guess what, just like my own Mary, the Bible says she was lovely to look upon!

“As God continues to take me through the journey of the prophetic, I am grateful that he is also taking me through a journey of true love! I could not have asked for a better partner, friend or wife!

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“Having said that, I would like to say thank you to the world’s best wife for the Rolls Royce Ghost black barge model 2016. This will motivate me as I serve Christ and not only me but many who you inspire as a wife of a prophet, seasoned business woman, C.E.O of Shepherd Bushiri Investments and above all, a believer of Christ.”

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“Wife Of Wealthy Malawi Pastor, Prophet Bushiri Publicly Surprises Him With a Grand Gift Ahead of their Wedding Anniversary (Pictured)”
  • OMG You guys have no Clue, I am a Big Mrs Mary Bushiri Fan. I take her as ma mentor. You know the first time I Saw the Prophet I was Like I wish I can meet your wife, and When I first saw her I was Like. Yessss!!!! That’s why you are like this (Major 1). Guys its really true. Behind every Great men is an amazing, unbelievable, Great, God fearin-loving – serving and intelligent women of God. And For me, Its Mrs Mary Bushiri.

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