Why Mother Of 2, Stella Damasus Says Getting Married 3 Times Was Worth It

Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus who has been living in United States of America with her family, reacts to an Instagram post by her husband, Daniel Ademinokan, telling her how much he misses her.

Daniel affectionately expresses his desire for Stella to hurry back home. The post also hints that he probably suffered from mental abuse in a previous relationship.

The actress now singer who has been married three thrice, had two girls for first husband, Jaiye Aboderin who died in 2004.

Stella eventually healed from the loss and got married to Emeka Nzeribe in a low-key ceremony. The marriage lasted less than a year before it crashed, over allegations of incompatibility, infidelity and disrespect to marital vows on the part of the actress cum singer, Stella Damasus.

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The lovely mother of two seems to have moved on from her past, and is enjoying every bit of her marriage with Daniel.

I'm so getting in trouble with @stelladamasus for posting this picture but only 3 people understand the inside joke here. LOL ????. Some people live an entire lifetime but never get a shot at true love. Some people may never know what it feels like to be TRULY loved. So they may never know what it feels like to wake up every morning next to your woman with no weave, no wig, no make up, and a heavy dose of stinky morning breath…and still love her from here to the moon and back. Can I get a witness? ???????? Babe, I miss your wahala. I miss the way you make me laugh from my core till I have a headache. I miss our late night conversations that lead to late night snacking, and that leads to tears and pain in the gym. Chai! (Damn! Focus dude). I miss the most amazing things that come out of the late night conversations, too. ???? Boo, hurry up and come home. We miss our stylist, my barber, our chef, our 'egbe wedger', our doctor, tailor, our Google, professor and our personal alarm clock. Lately, I've been reading comments, reactions and people's stories about our short film WHEN IS IT ENOUGH. I went back to see the film again last night and reversed the roles in my head. Wow! Some men may never have been hit by their wives but they were definitely abused & violated mentally. All I can say is, thank you Jesus for THE liberation. And thank you Boo for helping me through the healing process. The world doesn't need the story but they'll definitely experience the glory. One lesson I've learnt: when it comes to love – don't settle. Never settle for what's available if it's not what you want and know you deserve. You've shown me what love is, can be, and should be. I love you babe. Oya hurry back home because Shakiratu down the street has come to borrow salt 3 times this morning already. You know it's not salt she wants. ???????????????? #MotivationMonday #Inspiration #WIE #WhenIsItEnough #DanielAdeminokan #StellaDamasus #Escandalo #WhatLoveShouldBe #Inspiration #Love #CoupleGoals #GrowingOldWithYou

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The stunning actress responds to her hubby’s post with equally romantic words and reveals that as much as people mock her for being married thrice, being with him makes it worth it.

Stella says she cannot wait to be back home with him too. She writes:

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@dabishop007 honey, words cannot express how you have made me feel. When people laughed at me and called me names, saying I have been married three times; it hurt me but in my heart I knew it was worth it.

Taking a chance on love again was risky for me but only God knows how many nights I cried and told him if it was not meant to be he should close the chapter. When I met you I found a friend, a father, a brother, a confidant and a business partner.

I didn’t know God had plans for me. Plans that were better Than the ones I actually prayed for. Thank you for coming into our lives. You are the most romantic, appreciative, kind, loving, caring and understanding husband any woman can ask for.

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You also helped me through my healing process boo. The girls love you so much for being an amazing dad and friend. I dey come back in two days o, tell shakiratu and the rest say the owner of your salt na kolo o, make dem travel far go find their own.

I be one man army o, make dem no try me. When I get better thing, I dey hold am TIGHT. I no dey take am play football lie lie. I love you boo. See you soon.”

So romantic!


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