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Dear MIMsters: Is What is Happening to Me Now Normal in Pregnancy?

I’m pregnant for the first time and currently in my third trimester. So far in this pregnancy, I have not had any issues until recently. I don’t know if what I am dealing with right now is normal in pregnancy.

Recently, I noticed that I have this thing that looks like rashes on my body that keeps itching me. I can’t help scratching it, and now, it has escalated and has spread all over my body to both my fingers and my upper vagina.

The itching is severe and it itches seriously and I keep scratching it. I have visited the hospital the doctor prescribed some drugs and asked me to put disinfectant in my bathing water and also to rub calamine lotion.

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I have done all these, yet with no improvements. I keep itching and scratching even while I’m rubbing the lotion. My husband suggested I use red oil and salt but I said no.

To me, this thing is no longer ordinary rashes. Is this a normal occurrence with pregnancy or what? Has anyone had or knows anyone who has experienced this before? What did you do? This is driving me mad and makes me cry. I have suffered chicken pox and measles back then and I know it cannot surface again after suffering it once.

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“Dear MIMsters: Is What is Happening to Me Now Normal in Pregnancy?”

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