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Hon. Lola Akande Supports ‘Protest Against Rape of Babies & Children’ in Alausa Today

The planned Sit-out Against Rape of Babies and Children, organized by Alliance Against Domestic Violence & Abuse (AADVA) and other NGOs, held in Lagos today.

Women from different NGOs and walks of life converged in the rain at the Governor’s office Alausa carrying placards that bore different messages and chanting slogans against rape.

“Say No To Rape!”

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The Commisioner of Women’s Affairs, Lola Akande arrived the venue to support the Sit Out and said the Government is doing everything to ensure rape perpetrators are caught and made to face the full wrath of the law. Presently, Lagos State Government is pushing for the death penalty for Rapists at the State House of Assembly.

The Commisioner said social media has played a huge role in enlightening and exposing this social ill. She also said that parents should create more time to spend with their children and train them in the right path.

“Rape is your business, do not say it is not your business”

The Hon. Commisioner also called on corporate organizations to partner in advocacy and sensitization against rape. She said the Judiciary are thorough and that is why the convictions do not seem to be happening.

“Thank God we have the Domestic Violence Law of 2007, under it they can be punished…

Governor Ambode is doing everything to put security at the forefront with the Security Trust Fund.”

She appealed for the cooperation of every citizen in the fight against rape in Nigeria.

“Rape is very prevalent in India but we must curb ours. Our culture do not allow for things like this.”

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Women’s rights activist, Laila St. Matthews thanked the Commisioner for supporting the protest and also received the pepper sprays donated by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

The incessant rape of babies and children has become alarming and Nigerians can no longer ignore nor stay silent. The rape and murder of 14-year-old Obiamaka in her own bed, shocked the nation and opened our eyes to how bad the rape situation had gotten in society.

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We all have a part to play in the fight against rape. We need to rise up as a nation and say, “No to Rape”.

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“Hon. Lola Akande Supports ‘Protest Against Rape of Babies & Children’ in Alausa Today”

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