Motherhood Is the Most Amazing Feeling Ever – Anna Banner Ebiere

Anna Banner Ebiere is definitely one of our special moms, she reveals that mothering flavour N’abania’s daughter is the most amazing feeling ever. She recently revealed this in an Interview with Entertainer, Tony Ogaga.
The young and pretty mother of one, shot into the limelight after she emerged winner of that year’s edition of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN). Four years down the line, the star of popular drama series, Super Story, is still enjoying  stardom.
The cool mom recently celebrated her daughter’s birthday along side baby father. Anna opened up on what she has been up to lately, revealing that she has been working on her foundation.
Anna said her Foundation is about to come on stream. It is called the Anna Banner Empowerment Foundation. She said its aim is to empower young girls who have lost hope, because they have a child and feel life has come to an end.
The stunning mom revealed that she had gone through hard ship but is thankful for where God has brought her to. She said she used to live in face-me-I-Face-you but today it is a different story.
 Born into the family of six, Anna has three brothers. She revealed that motherhood has been amazing and having her daughter has taught her a lot and also strengthen her in life. She also combines motherhood and other things well. She said:
 “It has been amazing! It has been an eventful journey. You get to shout a lot and get upset a lot and frustrated, but you get the joy of your life when your daughter hurdles close to you and says ‘mummy, I love you’. That is the most amazing feeling ever!
 “Being myself, living my life one day at a time. At school, I try not to pile pressure on myself, because if I do that, I am going to crash. I try not to do too much at once. I do not believe in overworking myself.”
The cute mother of cute little Sophia Chimamanda who clocked 2 on the first of august is surely a proud mother. She stops at nothing to show off her daughter and still looks amazing.
On how she has been able to keep fit since after birth, Anna revealed she is naturally slim and looses weight easily under pressure, She eats healthy and does not over work out.
 “Nope, I eat everything. I love food a lot. I love to cook and I am sure you know that when you are cooking, you take a lot of it and that gets you fat”
 Her Anna Banner Foundation Project is going to come on stream before the end of September. She said it will mostly involve the rural areas and girls who got pregnant at any early stage and have no one around them. She refused to say anything about her relationship with flavour.
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