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Dear MIMsters: Is this Guy Suitable to Spend a Lifetime With?

I need advice on a lifetime decision. I am in a relationship, (kinda match making stuff).

He is a sailor, so we talk mostly on phone (chatting and calls). I only met him once, he actually came just so we can meet in person. He wanted everything fast as in, SEX, but I didn’t give in. I stood on the fact that I don’t even know him enough.

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He was trying to have his way but I turn him down. He feel hurt and in a statement said that how can he come all the way and I act that way. He tried to talk about marriage, “let’s do this thing so by the time come back, we will probably be getting married. I don suffer????????. This marriage thing is really tiring.

So back to the story. This guy is the only child of his father. Both parents are separated and remarried but the mum gave birth to other children. This guy wants to get married while still living in his father’s house.

I asked myself if I want this kinda of life. Married and living with family while hubby is away. Living with hubby’s step mum, will hubby’s mum be free to come to that house?

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I’m a hairdresser and a makeup artist. How does anyone manage in a home with that kind of arrangement? I don’t see myself living separately from my husband as I want to build a home with my family. I don’t want to get married for the wrong reasons but the pressure to get married is becoming too much????????.

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“Dear MIMsters: Is this Guy Suitable to Spend a Lifetime With?”
  • Please I beg you for goodness ‘ sake not to enter into marital relationships that will leave you shattered and broken at the end of the day. This is an important warning signal that should not be neglected. Also, don’t allow yourself to be pressured. The people pressuring you to get married now will not enter into the marriage with you. Grace to be patient for the right person is supplied unto you in Jesus ‘ name!

  • Do not let anyone pressure you into getting married. That said, that guy is not a serious person and he does not love you.

  • Babe u are not alone in this quest n pressure to be married at all cost. I strongly feel it is better to be sure that it is what u really want not doing it out of pressure. It can be difficult to wait but it is still d best shot.

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