Hollywood Star Katherine Heigl Takes Us through Her Postpartum Weight Loss Journey

After nine years on in her marriage, actress Katherine Heigl and her hubby, Josh Kelley welcomed their first biological child earlier this year.

Now, the Grey’s Anatomy alum is opening up about her postpartum weight loss journey. In a recent Instagram image, the hot mum, 38, posed while strolling with 7-month-old son Joshua Jr., and shared on her official page

”In the seven months since Joshua Jr was born I have managed to slowly but surely drop my pregnancy weight with only 10 pounds left to lose. I gained almost 50 pounds during my pregnancy and I’m not gonna lie, I had moments of sheer panic that I’d never be able to lose it all.

I had hoped to only gain 25-30 pounds like my mother during her pregnancies but found that just wasn’t possible for me. Despite starting my gestation out on a pregnancy friendly meal plan and hiking my butt off 5 days a week my weight kept creeping up.

At a certain point, probably around 4 months I gave up the struggle and tried instead to respect my body’s needs and trust my instincts. About ten days after Joshua Jr’s birth I got back on the scale to see where I was at and how far I had to go.

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I had miraculously dropped about 30 of the 50 pounds. I remember being absolutely dumbfounded and weighing myself two more times to be sure the scale was correct.

A few days after that I headed into the doctors for my two week checkup and their scale said the same thing. I had dropped 30 pounds without batting an eye.

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I kept asking how that could be possible and my doctor just shrugged and said after the 10-15 pounds of baby, placenta, blood and amniotic fluid weight you typically drop post birth the rest must have been excessive water retention.

Which made some sense since by the end of my pregnancy my feet had swollen to the size of cantaloupes! The rest of the weight however has not disappeared quite so magically.

The years of deprivation, counting every single calorie, completely eliminating major food groups and setting unreasonable weight goals are over.

None of those things ever really worked for me and only fostered an unhealthy, resentful relationship with my body, an attitude that I do not want to pass on to my daughters.

There was something about my pregnancy and post pregnancy body that instilled a sense of body pride in me and a freedom from body shaming that has been such a persistent part of my life for so long.

It was the most natural and healthy thing in the world to put on weight during my pregnancy and allowing my body to shed it slowly, gracefully and healthfully feels…good.”

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After sharing some photos, the mum-of-three talked about healthy eating in achieving weight loss.


Three months after birth.

”Low calorie meals are an important part of losing weight for me. I don’t burn a tremendous amount of calories a week because I’m not into those high impact cardio or weight training classes.

So I have to be somewhat mindful of what and how much I’m eating. Again, I don’t go crazy obsessing over it, especially because I was breastfeeding and had to maintain a higher calorie count than I normally would when trying to lose weight to keep my supply up.

However that didn’t mean I completely let myself off the hook and gorged on burgers and fries everyday (like I wanted to) but instead made sure I was eating wholesome, nutritious meals with calories that came from healthy ingredients.

When I’m working and actively trying to maintain my on screen weight I have the blessing and benefit of healthy, diet meals delivered fresh daily to my front door.

However, while I’m off work and home in Utah I have no such luxury and am forced to figure it out for myself while still preparing foods that my family will enjoy.”

Before the birth of her child, the couple who have been married since 2007 adopted Naleigh, whom they brought home from South Korea in 2009, and  and Adalaide, whom they adopted domestically 3 years later.

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