How BBC Presenter’s Babies Saved Her Parents’ Lives

British Broadcasting Channel (BBC), Julia Bradbury has controversially claimed that her pregnancies saved both her parents’ lives by giving them something to look forward to and live for.

The mother of three who also works as a presenter with Independent Television said her Greek mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer when she was pregnant with her first child and her father was later diagnosed with cancer of the prostate gland.

The 47-year-old Britain’s Best Walks star birthed three children with partner Gerard Cunningham despite having Endometriosis, her first child was Zephyrus and the second were a twin Xanthe and Zena. Former Country file presenter Julia said:

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“My mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer when I was pregnant with Zeph and I think that made a big difference. I kept saying to her; You can’t go, you can’t go, you have to stay to meet your grandchild. Gerard and I didn’t want to know the baby’s sex but Mum did.

She felt it would make the baby feel more real, more tangible if she knew. So we gave the doctors permission to tell her, she was thrilled. I remember afternoons sitting holding hands on the sofa.

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She’d put her hand on my tummy and I’d put my hand on hers. It was so peaceful and happy. When Zeph was born, Mum and Dad were so excited. Mum pulled through and, later, Dad did too.”

Julia who had her twin at 44 and vowed never to have more kids, Bradbury has said her mother badgered her to have children ever since she was 20 as at nearly 40, she was still single and, having been diagnosed years earlier with endometriosis.

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Endometriosis is a condition affecting the womb lining, she was resigned to the fact she might never give birth. When she had Zephyrus, she was so excited but when she had her twin, Julia tagged them as miracle babies.

According to Dailymail, Julia’s mother Chrissi is now 79 and her father Michael is 76. Both are very strong and vibrant grandparents and drive the 100 miles to London from their home in Rutland at least once a week to help with chill.

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