Dear MIMsters: How MIL Ended My Marriage after an Elaborate Introduction

I’m in my late 20s. I met this guy 2 years ago and we started dating. Six months after we started dating, we had our official introduction. It was an elaborate one. My bride price was even paid that day (Sadaki).

My boo and his mum insisted on me moving in with him so I could get pregnant soon, which I did.

I left my job and shop back in another city and moved in with him. At first everything was fine.

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Later, I noticed that my MIL always painted my father in law and his family black in my presence. She has even accused my FIL of manipulating my husband, so I became over protective of him, not knowing that I was walking towards my doom.

A year and some months later, since I was not able to conceive I pushed hubby to come with me to the hospital. Several tests were carried out on us and it was discovered that hubby has a low sperm count.

When MIL started frustrating me, I told her about the result.  The next thing I got was the shock of my life as she started insulting me, calling me names. She said my mother and I are witches. She told my husband and his siblings lies about me and told him to send me away.

Even though my husband did not heed to his mum’s request to send me away, he started cheating on me. His mum gave him an ultimatum to choose between me and her. I begged and begged but she said I will never stay married to her son.

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Not long after, my husband beat me up and told me to leave. Meanwhile his younger sisters were laughing and making jest of me.

Right now, I have no job at hand. What do I do? I need a job.

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“Dear MIMsters: How MIL Ended My Marriage after an Elaborate Introduction”
  • You married a mommy’s boy, he knew quite well he’s the one with the problem and he’s sending you away. You’re better off on your own, just look for a job and get yourself together.

  • I love the fact that you are getting yourself together already by looking for a job. God knows why it happened before court or white wedding. Take your life to another level babe. God’s got you

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