From Sexual Abuse to Drugs and Alcohol Addiction : Zoleka Mandela Tells Her Story

Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter, Zoleka Mandela, took to Instagram to celebrate her 7th year of recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, following the sexual and physical abuse she suffered as a child.

The South African’s legend’s granddaughter, who is now 37, further revealed that she took her first alcohol at age 9 and started smoking marijuana at age 13.

Sadly, her drug addiction led her into experimenting with other drugs including cocaine.

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Luckily for her, she recovered from it all after she checked herself into a rehab when she was 30, and was finally able to break free of her addiction.

Now she is celebrating her recovery while encouraging other addicts that “addiction doesn’t always have to end in death.”

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Here’s her post;

”Hi, I’m Zoleka Mandela and I’m an alcoholic addict. It’s my 7th recovery birthday today, you guys … 11th August 2017!!! I had my 1st drink at the age of 9 and had become an alcoholic 4yrs later.
I first started smoking Marijuana at age 13, experimented with other drugs throughout my teenage years, until I discovered Cocaine at age 20 – which I was addicted to for 10yrs.
Addiction doesn’t always have to end in death – using drugs and alcohol to numb my feelings towards the sexual abuse and physical abuse of my childhood and teenage years, was a means to rid myself of the self blame and resentment.
It was only in 2010 that I checked myself into rehab (by that time, I had been mixing my anti depressants with alcohol) and I have remained free from illegal drugs and alcohol ever since. Today, I celebrate my 7th year of sobriety!!! 🎉
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