Singer & Single Mom Jodie’s Reason For New Look | and Its Not Cancer!

For others, when someone who used to keep their hair goes bald, they believe it was either for a health related issues, a movie role or a very personal reasons.

The ‘Kuchi Kuchi’ crooner, Joy Odiete popularly known as Jodie (stage name), has debunked rumours of having cancer, as she finally revealed her reasons for her new bald haircut.

According to the pretty mother of one, the haircut is neither for a new project nor an acting deal. She told Showtime that it was because she finds it easy to manage.

Sultry singer, Jodie also claimed that she loves her new hair look so much because it involves less time and gives her a feeling she is very much in love with.

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The mother of one whose child was born Lissencephaly and cerebral palsy was suspected to be ill or have cancer after she cut her hair bald just like Halima Abubakar.

However she cleared suspicion that many believed she may have shaved her hair for health related issues, just like curvy actress, Halima Abubakar, did but that was not the case.

“Do I look like I had this lovely hair cut for health reasons? There’s no mysterious reason embedded somewhere. Yes, a woman’s hair is said to be her pride, but sometimes we take decisions not out of influence; I honestly felt like it, so I did and I’m glad I did”, she said.

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“It’s very easy to manage and it involves less time to manage; it has its own peculiar beauty too. Combining it with no makeup and certain adornments give me a regal feel and I love it; my heavenly father na royalty, so I be King pikin, so no biggie”, she added with pride.

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To everyone Singer and pretty mother, Jodie does not have cancer and she is very much healthy. any information on her heatlth which says otherwise is false!

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