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The Numbers Speak: See Chrissy Teigen’s Reply to Cynic over Her CookBook Sales

Singer John Legend‘s wife, Chrissy Teigen had an epic clap-back response to a comment on social media that seemed to question the relevance of cookbooks.

One afternoon the mother of one posted a survey question on Twitter about galangal, a root common in Thai cuisine that’s similar to ginger but stronger than ginger root.

The model in her post had asked if one could get galangal in their area and three percent said yes while 63 percent said no, she later went on to clarify that she knew it and could get it when someone questioned if she needed it.

“Doing some recipes for next book today, question. can you get galangal where you live? (I know what galangal is. I am wondering if you personally can get it in your area. want a cookbook everyone can use!).”

“nah I can get it thank u! just wondering if people can/will make it when I use it in book.”

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One Twitter user responded by questioning the idea of cookbooks in general, she asked if people still use cook books and claimed that she just google ingredients instead.

 “Do people still buy cookbooks? I just google ingredients and it gives me recipes.”

While it is unclear if she meant the comment as shade or was merely posing a question, Teigen used a bit of sass in her reply. She revealed that she sold 400 or 500 copies so she guess people do.

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“I sold like 400 or 500 thousand so I guess”

The response was in reference to her wildly successful Cravings, which was the second best-selling cookbook of 2016. She is currently working on her second cookbook.

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The Lip Sync Battle host told PEOPLE in that her cooking style changed since the birth of her now 15-month-old daughter Luna, whom she shares with husband John Legend.

“It’s been really fun trying to find things that are a little quicker and a little simpler because these days I really appreciate a simple recipe.”

Question to you mothers, do people still use cook books, is this necessary and do you use cook books? Share your thoughts on this.

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