Dear Mimsters: I Am On the Verge of Giving Up on My Marriage Because of My SIL

There is an issue disturbing the peace of my home and I am on the verge of giving up on my marriage.

My sister-in-law told her family that I cannot get pregnant and told her brother not to marry me. She claimed I told her so. I didn’t.

Their family asked me to get pregnant first before we get married just to confirm that she is lying. My husband begged me to do so against my wish, upbringing and faith just to prove her wrong.

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Glory to God Almighty, I got pregnant in less than two months and since then, she has disliked me. She never called me nor checked on me but she kept complaining about me.

During our wedding, this woman disgraced herself before my people by trying every means to cause confusion but God shamed her yet again. Since I delivered, she called herself my husband’s second mum because she is the oldest yet she has never called me to congratulate me or even check on my baby even though we reside in the same state. She didn’t even attend my baby’s dedication.

This got my husband really angry at her but their mom came and settle them. She claimed I didn’t call her that is why she didn’t call me too and refused coming to visit us. Their mom pleaded for settlement and that everyone should let go of offences.

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When my husband told me what was discussed as I was not there. I told him that I can’t go and visit her neither will I call her because where I come from, it’s the woman who delivers that is to be visited not the opposite.

My decision got my husband angry and told me not to go visit anyone including my family since I don’t want to visit his sister. Since then, we have been living like strangers. Right now, I am tired and just want to leave the marriage because his sister always says negative things about me and it makes even other family member treat me less including my husband.

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I just want to know if am wrong and if my decision is okay and what to do? Thank you.

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“Dear Mimsters: I Am On the Verge of Giving Up on My Marriage Because of My SIL”
  • This your sister in law is a devil. Why are your in laws being hypocritical? It seems they are all afraid of her. Your in laws and husband are not fair to you, this woman never wanted you to marry your husband and she even went up to the extent of lying and everybody allowed her to get away with it. Now you gave birth and she refused to come and visit you and nobody is bold enough to tell her she is wrong. Instead they are asking you to carry your baby to go and greet her. Who is she?
    Your husband is very wrong for taking sides with them and you should never go and visit her. If you start your marriage by bowing to her wishes, she will start dictating to you and your husband what to do.
    You also have to be very prayerful as this woman hates you and will not rest until she scatters your marriage but I know God will disgrace her.

  • You want to quit now when you should have ended the relationship the point they said you should get pregnant first because she cooked up some bullshit story. Personally I won’t go into that kind of marriage. You need to stand your ground with your husband about his sister if not you will continue doing her biddings. Do not visit her, if heaven wants to fall, let it fall. Don’t allow one no good sister inlaw let you give up on your marriage please.

  • Please dont go visiting any idiot.m at whatever place she stays. If she wont visit you then stay put.

    That woman is evil and she will not stop even after visiting her.

    Keep being the good wife to your husband but ignore his silliness. Just keep yourself happy as much as you can.

    I hopee you have a job.

    This kind of sister can go diabolical. Keep the Faith and ensure you keep your family informed.

    God bless you

  • You cannot leave your marriage because of this, can’t people live and let others live? You guys don’t live in the same house so I don’t get why you cannot ignore her and face your life.

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