Angela Simmons Opens up on Overcoming Insecurities After Child Birth

Few months ago, Angela Simmons welcomed her son with her fiancé and the proud mum, who has always been a fitness buff, opened up today about how difficult it was for her to adjust to her body changing.

According to her, she had to work hard to overcome any insecurities after child birth and she has shared some fitness inspired shots to celebrate how far she has come with regaining her body.

The new mom of one, who is allegedly not going on with her engagement anymore with Sutton Tennyson said that it has not been easy for her to find her inner strength for what she wants.

According to her, weight does not drop quickly after child birth and she has watched her own body go up and down. She revealed she gained in different areas after child birth.

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Angela who says loosing weight after child birth is a different battle on it own, said it only takes true dedication to lose a baby fat and she challenged herself to love every bit of her.

However the daughter of Reverend Simmons said standing in front of the camera was a challenge and it took her a lot of courage for someone who has a lot of insecurities and doubts about herself.

See photo of her and her little baby boy, below:

She shared a lovely photo of her figure and wrote:

“I stand before as a woman who has had many insecurities.. But not as many as you have after you bear a child . I have to constantly find my inner strength in me to work for what I want.

And no it’s not easy . Not easy when the world offers you the very quick way to alter how you look … in a blink of an eye. (Which works for some people and that’s ok).

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The past year of my life I have watched my body go up and down in weight . I gained in different areas .. it’s such a different battle after child bearing, weight doesn’t drop as quick .

It takes true dedication and strength to lose it !!!! So instead of any quick results of any work. I have challenged myself to stay true to myself and learn to love every piece of myself.

And to me that takes daily strength ! It takes a lot to stand behind a camera of anybody when you have doubts and insecurities !!! I thank you @krishphotos

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For allowing me to open up and feel free enough to be me !!! Although you maybe looking at a photo with some touch ups . It’s still me . I think the beauty of photographer is that there are different styles of shooting.

And a photographer allows us to be our best self in front of the camera . And make us feel great !! These photos are a small series of some fitness inspired shots !! I will roll them out within the next couple days .

❤️❗️????: @krishphotos
Mua: @reneemadeulook
Hairstylist : @qlovebug
Styling : @kingtroi
Swimsuit : @bikinisbyashleygates.”

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