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Dear MIMsters: Is My Uncle Right About This? I Only Need His Sponsorship

I’m a 22 year old with a diploma in Science and Lab Technology. My dad is dead, so my mum and her family have been the ones taking care of me and my siblings but I have no sponsorship.

After getting my ND, my mum had an health issue which her family spent so much money on her medical bills. This kept me at home for one year with.

She is not cured but I wish to continue with my education. I didn’t want to disturb my mum cos I know what she’s been through so I had to call an uncle from my father’s side for help.

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He agreed to help me and told me to come to him as soon as I have an admission.

I was offered a study in Medical Biochem 3 years ago at CRUTECH but my uncle didn’t like the course. Last year, I tried to apply to study nursing but my uncle told me that I cannot do it because of my voice. (I don’t have a clear voice).

I was sad but since he is my sponsor I agreed. This year again, I was offered Anatomy and he said that graduates of Anatomy are wanderers with no job opportunities.

I’m tired of staying at home and due to my mum’s health, I don’t want to tell what my uncle has been telling me. I am scared of how she will react. I have been telling her that my admission hasn’t come through yet.

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What should I do? Are anatomist really wanderers?

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“Dear MIMsters: Is My Uncle Right About This? I Only Need His Sponsorship”
  • Who practices what they studied in school these days? My dear in Nigeria you just need the certificate. Are you sure that uncle wants to sponsor you? Ask him courses he thinks will be good for you. Try get admission in one of it and let’s see what he will say this time.

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