Dear MIMsters: Is My Decision on How to Handle My Unsupportive Mum Suitable?

God bless you for your good work as I need advice on this issue.

How do I put up with a mother who is unsupportive and does not care about her children’s well being. All that my mother is after is my money. Any time she calls for money and she’s given, I become her favorite, if I don’t have, I become her worst.

My eldest sister took up the family’s responsibilities when we lost our dad 18 years ago. My sister has been very supportive and she is the reason why my brother and I are graduates today. She supported us all through.

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Now she’s going through a hard time due to her abusive marriage and the divorce process is on.My mum has abandoned her saying that she has disgraced her.

I had a baby 4 months ago via CS. My mum didn’t come for omugwo. She told me to manage when I tried to beg her to come.

She said she can’t come because of her new house that my brother just built for her. We kept expecting her till date she didn’t show up and my baby is 4 months plus. Even when I had PPD (postpartum depression), hubby begged and begged her.

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She told him she was coming but didn’t show up. My in-laws have been so good to me. She’s only in good terms with 2 out of 8 children. I told my other siblings that I don’t ever want to have anything to do with her since she wasn’t there when I needed her most. Am I over-reacting?

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“Dear MIMsters: Is My Decision on How to Handle My Unsupportive Mum Suitable?”
  • You are not over reacting. Some mothers are not capable of mothering. They have kids quiet alright but don’t know what it means to be a mother. I think you should just keep your distance from her and stop giving her money.

  • U are not overreacting and its better u let her be.But dont have any grudges against her so anytime she comes around,u will easily forgive her.
    Don’t try to communicate with her,bcos I CNT just imagine what kind of a mother will do that to her own child?u should have learnt Ur lesson when she did it with ur elder sister who took care of all of u when she had and now that she needed all of u now especially A mother,ur mum decided to neglect her.just let her be

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