Dear MIMsters: Should I Stop Giving My Husband Suggestions and Advice?

I’m a very confused and sad woman, and the only child of my parents. Right now, I have decided to stop making suggestions to my husband for reasons I am going to share with you.
I am 26 years old who comes from a poor family and got married to my husband when I was 20-years-old in the university. I wanted to delay starting a family because of my education as I was a law student then and he was not financially stable. We were both in school.
Along the line, due to too much nagging, I took in and aborted it because we still didn’t have the means to fend for the baby. I still feel bad about this.
After I graduated, I took in immediately. I gave birth and suffered greatly with my baby who is now 9 months.
My biggest problem is my husband who doesn’t listen to my suggestions to better our family because he feels he is way older than me. This is really tearing me apart. When he fails to listen, he will definitely make mistakes and would revert to my earlier suggestions.
He has made so many avoidable mistakes because he didn’t listen to me which has created a big setback to us. He incurred a huge debt which he is now battling to settle. I told him not to take the money but he didn’t listen.
To help him out as we have so many outstanding bills, I decided to look for where to borrow money for him and the person the money was sent to was duped as if the devil was at work. Instead of being sympathetic he said I cooked up the cock and bull story. I was heartbroken.
I need advise me on how to handle my husband. Should I stop giving him suggestions or advice? 
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“Dear MIMsters: Should I Stop Giving My Husband Suggestions and Advice?”
  • Since he’s a mister know it all, please let him be. Focus on getting a good job that will sustain you and the innocent child so that you guys will not suffer.

  • I think you should still advise him but select your words properly in order not for him to feel intimidated because if you stop, you will retrogress in your marriage which will go a long way to affect both of you.My candid opinion.

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