8 Ways To Help Your Child Excel At School (Part Two)

Education is the driving force for the development of any nation, family and individual and its importance should not be undermined. Starting from the family to the school, it basically provides a great foundation for improving present and future living circumstances and conditions.

Here’s what Laura Warren says in an article:

“Research has shown that the effect of parents and what they do at home to support learning can account for 80 per cent of a child’s academic success. This compares to schooling being directly responsible for around 20 per cent of factors leading to academic achievement.”

In essence, it goes beyond enrolling your child in prestigious schools, buying all the recommended books, paying the huge bills, hiring expensive tutors and providing all other essentials. Your child’s academic success indeed largely depends on other things you might currently be taking for granted.

Continued from part one

3. Teach and Reinforce Learning Techniques
You may know there are more ways of learning than the traditional ‘classroom, blackboard, teacher and student’ method. Research has proved our everyday experiences present even more exciting and easier avenues to learn, especially for children.

As a parent therefore, the onus lies on you to make sure your children are exposed to fun learning experiences daily.

How do you do this? Expose them to more interactive and educative contents, cutting back on their excessive game and movie time. Teach your child to make connections between what he is taught at school or reads and real life.

Forming a habit of discussing these connections will directly or indirectly help your child develop listening skills and fan the flames of curiosity. Checking and following through with their school work and curriculum will also make a huge impact.

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4. Know and Understand Your Child’s School Curriculum
Schools differ in their approach to teaching. It shouldn’t be about expensive tuitions or the calibre of kids attending the school, be sure to choose a reputable one that will comprehensively meet your child’s educational, social and moral needs; one that satisfies your own standard.

Don’t hesitate to withdraw your child if you feel these needs are not being adequately met. Find one that’s more suitable through referrals and investigations. Remember, it’s crucial to get a copy of the school’s curriculum and policies, read and understand it, and resign to holding the school to their promise.

Schedule times to pay visits to keep tabs on the school and your child if you work full time.


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