Dear MIMsters: I Feel Like Running Away But I Love Him and Don’t Want to Lose Him

I feel like running away but I don’t want to lose him because I love. I met my fiance in 2008. I was schooling in his state at that time.

He promised to marry me when I finish my program. I rounded up my program (NCE) in 2010 and went to work so I could save up some money to contribute to our wedding.

We had our official introduction  in 2011 and since then things have not been OK. After my introduction, I travel back to my base and it’s be one quarrel or the other everyday.

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If he calls me and I’m unable to pick his call, it becomes a problem and if I call and he does not pick, I will quarrel him too.

The last quarrel we had, he insisted I return to live with him in his family house but I refused only on the condition he gets a separate apartment away from his family house. This is because I think living with your husband in his family house will expose me to face many unwanted things.

After pressuring me so much, I caved in. I relocate from my base to his village because I love him and wanted to make him happy.

Presently, we are living with his elder sister and things have not been really easy for us no matter. No matter how much I work in the house, to his sister, I have not done nothing. I even had a miscarriage once.

Whenever I want to react, my husband will beg me, promising it will all end soon. He promised to rent an apartment next year so we can move out of her house. She has a daughter but she will never lift a finger while I can’t say anything because if I do, their will take sides with her.

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Now, my elder sister wants me to join her in London and my husband is saying over his dead body will he allow me to go live outside the country. This is the third time my sister is asking me to join her and has said that my husband can join us later.

He has refused and is saying that my family will use it to insult that he is not working. To say the truth, I can’t afford to miss this opportunity because I think God wants us to relocate.

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My husband and I are both not working and we have no money to complete our marriage rite and no money to further my studies. I don’t know what to do apart from running away but I love him and I don’t want to lose him. I need your advice.

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“Dear MIMsters: I Feel Like Running Away But I Love Him and Don’t Want to Lose Him”
  • I think you should go and stay with your sister, funny enough you might end up not getting married to him so don’t lose this opportunity because of him. Introduction is not marriage o.

  • You love him yea? If he loves you, he will let you go. Think about this, if he was the one that had the opportunity, will he say no? You better run away to a better life instead of staying back and suffering. Right now you are stuck, you can’t further your education, you can’t complete your marriage rites, you are staying with your sister inlaw. Who wants that kind of life?

  • Hmmmm.see opportunity staring at u and u are still asking Mayb u should go or not.dear.u should thank God and ur star that u are yet to giv birth for ds guy.How can u love ds ur present conditions more than ur own life and future?

  • My dear, this is a lifetime opportunity o. Mind you, he his not your husband yet. So don’t let them use you like a maid. You guys only did an introduction. Go and meet your sister so you can have a better future. Pls use your head instead of your heart. Trust me, if you guys are meant to be together it will surely work out as your sister planned.

  • Run away joor, i don’t have much to say but for you to run away. If he even love you and trust you, he will see this as an opportunity for you both.

  • Dear u don’t have to marry out of pity,i think u should just move on with ur life and don’t live a miserable life that u will regret later in life,be wise and follow ur sister while u are still single d opportunity may not be available again,a word is enough. For d wise.

  • This is 2017.
    You’ve been with this individual since 2008 and till now he’s still not working? You are yet to be wedded. You can’t call him your husband yet. You are his fiancee. I’ll suggest you listen to your sister and move to London.
    Staying with his family will be your greatest nightmare. You don’t want to live to tell the story that will follow. I’ve seen this scenario played out before.

    Just go

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