Mom of 57 Babies Who Says She Loves Them All but Reveals Only Two Are Human | See Details

A mum has spoken candidly about her devotion to all 57 of her babies even though only two of them are human. Silvia Heszterenyiova who lives in Sydney, Australia, is birth mother to her two daughters Veronika and Sofia.

On her 40th birthday, her biological daughters gifted her a lifelike ‘reborn’ doll, who she named Isabella, it triggered an insatiable maternal instinct in her and since then she bought herself more dolls.

Now Silvia is ‘mum’ to 54 other reborns, including ginger-mopped Demi, who likes to go on trips to the beach, and Toby, who she takes out skateboarding and so many other type of fun.

According to MirrorsUK, Other dolls owned by Silva practice the violin and piano sometimes busking in the street and enjoy meals out with her.  Silva does almost everything with her dolls and never leaves them out.

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Silvia, who runs a reborn nursery, where she repairs and sells reborn dolls to other would-be reborn mums and dads, sometimes sleeps with them, tucks them in at night and takes them on special days out to the cinema and park.


“People come up to me and say my babies are beautiful. They say, ‘Is she real?’ I take them on holiday and care and look after them. They are all very well cared for. I love them.”
According to the mother of two said she is not ashamed of her unusual hobby and says most people think her growing brood which has increased by 18 since February are real.

Her infectious hobby has even rubbed off on her birth daughters, who have begun collections, too. She has even painted and decorated a nursery at home for her ‘family.’

Heartbreakingly, she has also made reborn dolls that are exact replicas of human babies who have died. According to her some clients order it that way  and she make it look exactly like the dead person.

“I made a custom order for a lady whose premature baby had died. He was born weighing just 740 grams (1lb 6oz) and was 32cm in length. He was so adorable.”

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Her own ‘children also enjoy picnics outside together with some of the dolls.  Silvia has taken baby clothes shopping in public. The mother of sunning mom said the dolls bring happiness to her life.

“It is a real passion of mine. Each baby is unique and different from the others and that’s what I love about them. They bring happiness to my life.”

Photo credit: MirrorsUk

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