See Innovative Way This Mum Feeds Her Twins | Would You Try This?

This photo shared by a woman on how she feeds her twin babies, has gone viral with many in awe of how innovative this is. Although this may look a bit unsafe but owning to the fact that they are twin, its saves her the trouble of having to carry both of them.

However, others have criticized this manner of feeding, saying it is just laziness on the part of the parents and feeding time should be an intimate moment between the parents and their newborns.

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Others say the babies could even choke with the way they are positioned if they move in funny manners, the way babies move when they are not been held or guarded by anyone.

Although from the look of things we can see that the babies are curled up in a fluffy baby chair that controls their movement and also helps guard them from turning opposite sides.

Some mothers were not comfortable with the permanent height of the feeding bottle which was in a way above their head. But some said it was perfect the way it was been adjusted.

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Over to you mothers who have not tried this and you have to deal with feeding you cute little twin babies. would you consider doing this for them of does this seem inappropriate?

What do you think?

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