Awww! Footballer Mikel Obi’s Russian Wife, Olga Reveals How They Met

Although no one can categorically say exactly when Nigerian footballer, Mikel Obi and his Russian woman got married, the pair claim they are now man and wife and have been for a while.

Olga Diyachenko, Russian wife of Nigerian footballer, Mikel Obi has revealed how they met and started dating. In an Instagram live video, the mother of twin said they were neighbors for 5 years but never met.

The Russian mom said she met Mikel on a particular day when she went to drop off her parents flat key at his flat the very day her parents moved out of the neighborhood and from then they became friends.

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In an Instagram live video she said:

“Mikel used to be my parent’s neighbor. We lived there for 5 years. As my parents were leaving the flat, I dropped off the keys at his flat and that was how we met and started off as friends and then grew into lovers.

It was never a magical love story because we were neighbors for 5 years but we never met until I went to drop off the keys when my parents were about to leave the apartment”.

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Olga who welcomed their set of twin girls in 2015, said their kids don’t have any Igbo or Russian names because they are citizens of the world. Olga said they would decide which tradition to follow, either Russian, British where they were born or Nigerian.

Olga also revealed that she does not watch Nollywood videos but her husband does all the time but she was more in love with Nigerian music, according to her, our songs have good beats.

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The stunning mom said she would support her husband, Mikel and Nigeria during the world cup in Russia 2018. The pair are so much in-love with each other and they have cute kids.


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