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Breast Cancer Survivor! Nigerian Woman Shares Story, Advises Others to Get Checked

Heiress Chika Awiwu also known as African Barbie took to Facebook via a live video on the SisterHood Africa platform to share her story and testimony on been a survivor of breast cancer.

Heiress Chika Awiwu who is a breast health amabassador is a mother to five beautiful kids and wife. Her journey through breast cancer and out of it was tough but she pulled through.

According to Heiress she was 36 when she was diagonised of breast cancer, at the time of her diagnosis she was a nursing student. It took her as a surprise as she least expected it.

According to her, she went for her routine check in 2010 and her doctor told her she needed to do a mammogram. She said she did not expect to be told to do such and as she was advised, she did it.

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The mother of five revealed that when she did the mammogram she was told something was wrong with her left breast. Then she was asked to come back again for another diagnosis.

Heiress said she took their request to come back for another diagnosis as a joke because she thought the first was going to end it and as a child of God she did not think anything bad could happen to her.

Heiress said that the second time they requested for a sample of her breast and they told her something was really wrong and it was not good at all. She said she was so scared.

Speaking in pidgin dialect, she said she went home and cried to God that whatever her doctors told her should not be true as she could not believe it. The only thing she thought about was her kids.

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Heiress revealed that her doctor called her one day when she was in class and asked her to see him. When she did go to him after so much worry and thought, she was told she had breast cancer.

Heiress said she was so scared and shocked, she called her hubby to come meet her in her nursing school that they told her she had breast cancer and she was broken, all she ever though was dying and leaving her kids.


The thought of dying and her children been alone without her, scared her so. According to the mom, when one is told they have breast cancer, you are not sure if you would live or not.

She got scheduled for surgery, they gave her an option to have a lumpectomy, is surgery to remove cancer or other abnormal tissue from your breast or a mastectomy, a removal of the breast which she decided to do.

Heiress said it has been seven years when she started the journey and she was thankful to God, through the torture and pain she still pulled through. She is now a breast cancer police according to her.

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She helps women with such problems, and she conducts a walk and campaign that assist women fighting with breast cancer. Heiress is a survivor by the grace of God. You can be too!

“Pain to Purpose !! God has not changed !!! 7 years survivorship from breast cancer.. what is your pain? Trust God and he will lead you to your purpose!!!! Listen to my testimony I pray it encourages you and may God complete all that concerns u IJN amen love y’all ???????????? #breasthealthambassador.”

She hoped that her story will birth encouragement for other wome, give them some energy to push forward. According to her when God helps us all when we put our faith in him.

The stunning African Barbie and mother advised other women, mothers and ladies to get their breast checked at the right time to avoid a chaotic situation on their health. Click here to watch video.

SisterHood Africa was created by Noni Robinson and it has 1.7 million women as members. It helps women to share their problems, pray together and encourage each other.

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