Dear MIMsters: Should I Take My Dad’s Advice Regarding My Unsupportive Husband

I am a new mum with an almost two months old baby with an unsupportive husband.

Since I gave birth to my daughter, my husband has not been supportive at all. I am a trained fashion stylist but do not have a store of my own yet.

My husband is not too happy with the fact that I had a girl and not the boy that he wants. Due to this, he has refused to contribute towards her upkeep and welfare.

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What annoys me even more is that, he still wants to come home and keep having sex with me while I have single handedly carried all her burden alone. I have been caring for her all alone.

His attitude towards my family is so poor. My dad now regrets giving my hand to him in marriage. I want to get a job to take care of her and dad is asking me to move out of his home since he has stopped feeding, and clothing me and my daughter.

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I want to know if moving out of the house we share is the right thing to do. I am hoping this will not affect the growth, development and wellbeing of  my daughter in any negative way.

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“Dear MIMsters: Should I Take My Dad’s Advice Regarding My Unsupportive Husband”
  • Staying back with an unsupportive husband and father is what will affect the growth, development and well-being of your daughter. What child wants to grow up and find out her dad wasn’t there for her because she’s female and not male. Stop making excuses to stay back with a sorry as husband just so you can remain a Mrs. Your father has asked you out of there, please leave before it gets worse.

  • What sort of man rejects his first child because it’s a girl? He doesn’t even take care of this child, this is wickedness. Pls of what use is this man to you? He is not even taking care of you. Pls take your fathers advice. You are very lucky to have a supportive father.

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