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10 Tips on How To Prevent Your Boobs From Sagging (Part Two)

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A pair of sagging boobs is any woman’s nightmare and while sagging is inevitable for many women, you can take steps to prevent the girls from going down south too quickly. We’d all love to have perky breasts our whole lives, but after trying all that you can without much success, don’t beat yourself over it because sagging is just a part of life.

Continued from part one

6. Essential & Plant Oils

What about a mixture of essential oils and plant oils? These could work wonders as any of the other methods mentioned above. Oils from plants like lemongrass, spearmint, coconut, fennel seed, olive or cypress can be mixed and massaged into the skin on your breasts. While the oils help in skin cell rejuvenation, skin firmness and elasticity, the massaging motions cause an increased and free flow of blood to the breasts.

7. Smokers Are Liable To Get Saggy Breasts

Smoking cigarettes could cause your breasts to sag by blocking the blood vessels and restricting the supply of those anti-aging nutrients we spoke of earlier to the breasts. Experts also report that nicotine not only reduces the nutrient supply by blocking the blood vessels, it also actually destroys the proteins there by causing the skin on your breasts to sag and wrinkle. If you want your breasts to look youthful, better stay away from smoking those tobacco sticks.

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8. Your Bra

Your bra could also contribute to saggy breasts. Wearing the wrong size of bra could do this. If the bra is loose or too tight, it could cause your breasts to sag. Tight bra straps could block of blood vessels. You know the attending consequences by now. Experts recommend asking the sales girl at the lingerie shop to help you get the right bra size.

Also, you need to get the right fitted sports bra when you go jogging or doing those other exercises. Having your boons jumping every which way as you do your exercises has the opposite effect on your breasts, so there.

9. Go Bra-less

Isn’t it interesting? First we don’t want you wearing loose fitting bras and now, we don’t want you wearing any bra at all. Well, this is something that works for some women, especially women with small breasts. Experts say that spending time without wearing a bra gives the breasts room to grow those muscles that support and lift up your breasts.

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In a study, they did find out that women who generally didn’t wear bras had their nipped rise higher over time.

10. Surgery

Go for a surgery as a means of last resort. Your doctor will give you options.

With all these options, you must realise that saggy breasts is a natural occurence with women as they age or make babies. You cannot stop it from happening. The best you can do is make the process very slow. Well, maybe that’s the second best thing you can do. The first best thing is to find something else within you to give you that boost of self confidence.

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