Girl Born Without a Face Defies All Odds and Celebrates Ninth Birthday | See Photos

A little girl who was born without a face because of a rare condition has defied the odds to reach her ninth birthday thanks to her family’s strength love and care.

Vitória Marchioli, from Barra de São Francisco in Brazil, has the genetic disorder Treacher Collins Syndrome which prevented 40 of her facial bones from developing properly.

As a baby, with her her eyes, mouth and nose displaced, Doctors doubted she would survive her first few hours of life, but little Vitoria is living happily with her family and strong.

According to Dailymail, It was reported that Doctors even refused to feed her, told the family to go home and wait for their daughter to die and to start making funeral arrangements.

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But earlier this month, she reached her ninth birthday, defying medics who say the only reason she is alive is due to her parents’ thorough care and devotion.

“Doctors told us she would not survive and that she only had one or two hours to live, they didn’t give her any chance of survival. She was transferred to a specialist unit at another hospital in the capital to get more information on her health and the condition.

She does not have a well-defined bone structure because 40 of the bones in her face did not form, which affected her eyes too.”

But despite their struggles and her uncertain future, her father and mother Jocilene, say they are grateful. The happy couple who revealed that they have been verbally abused by public because of their daughter said they are going to be by her.

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Jocilene said Vitoria’s siblings also opened up that they are been abused and rejected by other children at school because of their sisters appearance and it is also hard on them but they love her still.

‘She does not have any life expectancy, we do not know how long she will survive, we didn’t expect her to make it until her ninth birthday but are so grateful she has,” Mr Marchioli said.

Vitória’s parents who are fundraising towards her medical costs in the future said they hope humanity will have more love for people independent of their appearance, skin colour, race, religion and more someday.

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We are also strong for Vitoria, Stay alive!

Photo credit: Dailymail

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