Rape Victim Cries Out After Being Blamed By Parents For Falling Victim

South African young woman, Ndumi, a victim of rape, has taken to her social media page to cry out after her parents put the blame of that ugly experience on her.

According to her, both parents are not speaking to her because she was raped and psychologically it was affecting her because this is the time she needs them the most.

Devasted Ndumi says her parents are missing the fact that she was the one who was violated but still think it is all a lie and are not willing to comfort her.

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” Mom said the reason why I was raped is because I’m too friendly with men. This was literally running through my head the whole time while I was smoking with a male friend just now.

So what do I do now? Stay away from men completely? Mind you she’ll expect me to marry a man soon. It is so stressful. My parents are not talking to me right now because of this.

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Its funny because mom actually said I’m lying about it. On some days in some moments I can take my parents not having my back. But right now I’m breaking.

I’m the one that was violated but my parents are making me tip toe around them and their feelings when it comes to this matter. My comfort lies in the fact that there’s no tear that God does not see. He will make a way.”


Ndumi shared this on her twitter page. Although it has been hard for her but her comfort lies in the fact that there is no tear that God does not see.

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The young lady still believes God will make a way. Do you agree with Ndunmi’s parents and the harsh way she is being treated by them over this issue?

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