Dear MIMsters: He Means the World To Me But I Don’t know If These Are RED Flags

I don’t even know if I will be right referring to him as my boyfriend but to me and the world I live in, he is the only person I genuinely love more than anyone else that have come across.

My concerns about this relationship or whatever we have are this;

He doesn’t use my photos on his WhatsApp profile or status as one would do with a girlfriend, but he uses the photos of other girls and his EX girlfriends on his profile or status. He only used my picture once and even at that he didn’t write anything sensible nor lovely to go with it. It lasted on his profile for only 3 hours and removed it and since then, my picture has never been up on his DP.

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Sometimes, I feel like he does not appreciate me.

The last time my younger sister had a chat with him, she asked him what kind of woman would he want to get married to in the future. The kind of description he gave her was nothing like me. It was clear that I am not the kind of person he wants to have a future with.

I cope by always pretending that I don’t see any of these things he does but deep down in me, I am very hurt. I truly love him but I don’t know if these are RED flags for me.

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“Dear MIMsters: He Means the World To Me But I Don’t know If These Are RED Flags”
  • Who told you u cant love someone else?,its better u find the strength to break up and move on. U dont want to leave him,buh he will leave u,meaning the breakup u tryg to avoid wud still happn.u dont want an heartbreak nw,buh ts coming. Its very clear he doesnt respect u.

  • Although not using u as dp is not enuf to judge but at the same time he should be able to tell ur sister how proud he is to have u nd since he had failed in that area I think u need to press the exit button. Lost times we try to avoid breaking up because we’re too emotionally attached nd those guys I’ve considering will not want time breaking up with u. Don’t want time mending what’s already broken. I have dated someone like that before that’ did the exact same thing it’s just that it was his friends that asked if that was our wife and he could not say anything. From there I knew we were going nowhere. Am happily married to someone else today. A the best

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