Back To School Checklist

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School is in again and every parent is getting ready for the session. Children are gathering their stories and parents, well, parents are getting the funds and the energy to make sure their kids have everything they need to come out top of the class.

While as a parent, you also have to keep your eyes on your work, you may forget some of the items your child/children will need at school. Being your partners in parenthood, we’ve decided to put together a comprehensive list of stuff you’ll need to buy and stock at home so there’s no last minute running around. Let’s jump right into it.

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  • School Uniforms. Some schools supply these and wouldn’t want you to get from outside suppliers. You should get an extra set just in case.
  • Sweater/Cardigan. School may or may not supply these. You may want to get an extra in case the one gets lost. And you may have to stitch or have your child’s name monogrammed on them.
  • Sports Wear. Same as above.
  • School Shoes. If the old ones no longer fit or are worn out.
  • New Pairs of Socks. If the old ones have been outgrown or worn out.
  • Backpacks. Or you can just can them school bags if you’re old fashioned.
  • Lunch Box/bags.
  • Lead Pencils. You should just get a box or two of these. There are different grades of lead which some schools specify so you should get boxes of these and keep at home.
  • Color Pencils. These are for the younger ones. Get extra sets.
  • Pencil Sharpeners. The small handy ones; not the desktop sharpeners.

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  • Erasers.
  • Crayons. For the kids in kindergarten.
  • Ballpoint pen. Get a box of these; blue and black for the kids in primary three and above.
  • Markers. Washable and permanent markers.
  • White Outs. This is to ink/ballpoint pens what erasers are to pencils. For secondary school students.
  • Notebooks. Depending on the class they are, there are notebooks with wide margins and lines for younger children and those with less margins and closer lines for primary and junior secondary school students. You can also buy hardback or spiral bound notebooks for senior secondary school students.
  • Rulers. For making straight lines; not head of societies/communities. (Jus’ kidding)
  • Maths Set. Has a pencil, sharpener, ruler, protractor, compass (for drawing perfect circles and curves) and some other mathematical “apparatus” for secondary school students.
  • Calculator. Depending on their class, it could be a simple calculator or a “scientific” calculator with second functions for advanced maths like algebra and calculus.

Boarding House Students

  • Beddings. You know, bedsheets, pillow and pillowcases and a blanket.
  • Toiletries. Bathing soap (a six pack), Toothpaste, toothbrush and tissue paper (six pack).
  • Towel.
  • Detergent. King size washing powder or a six-pack washing soap.
  • Groceries. Cornflakes, milk, sugar, groundnuts, biscuits, etc
  • Bible or Quran

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Now you and your kids are ready for the new school session. Remind them to believe in themselves, stay focused, be peaceful and encourage them to report any funny or unacceptable behaviour to you or their teachers or proprietor.

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