Dear MIMsters: How Best Should I Handle This My Husband’s Nephew?

I need your advice, fellow Mimsters to enable me make the best decision.

I went to my children’s room last night some minutes past midnight to pick up my baby’s water bottle. What I saw is still a shock to me.

My husband’s nephew immediately rolled over my house help. This happened in a split of seconds. I hurriedly attended to my baby but was in shock if what I saw was real or not.

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At about 5 a.m, after thinking on the best way to handle this, I called my house help and asked her about what I saw but she denied anything happened. She said nobody climbed on top of her.

She’s only 17 years old while the guy is 30 years old.

I’m sure not gonna let the guy go free but then, how do I handle this so my house help will learn how to overcome such evil in subsequent times? I just want to raise a decent girl, I’m just shocked.

Should I dismiss her after dealing with her based on her lies? How best am I to handle that evil nephew of my husband’s? She’s almost 18 but then I’m confused whether to condemn her or handle her gently. Please guide me.

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“Dear MIMsters: How Best Should I Handle This My Husband’s Nephew?”
  • Why did you put yam and goat in the same place? You allowed a 30 year old man to be sleeping in the same room with a girl of 18 and you still want to raise a decent girl.

  • That guy took advantage of her. Only God knows what he must have told her so she can stay quiet. However, address the issue then afterwards send her away and the guy should leave too. At 30 he should be living on his own. Let husband know about what you saw and address it with him.

  • i get irritated when ever read stories like this. such guys need to be disgraced… if only they would change. as for the girl, she isn’t new to sex and she is probably benefiting something in return or she is being tormented by him

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