Dear MIMsters: He Took My Virginity, Yet He Wants To Cheat Me This Way!

I need sound advices on how to deal with this situation I have found myself in. After taking my virginity at 29-year-old, my husband wants to cheat me.

My marriage will be 3 years old in October and I have a baby who is one year and 8 months old.

Since I got married to my husband, I have gone from one emotional abuse to another all through. He doesn’t care about communication with us as a family and I have received no affection from him.  For good two years, this man has denied me from having sex with him.

When we finally made love twice, he stopped. Now, for the past four months, he has refused to touch me and if I complain, he will tell me he is not in the mood.

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I have been the only one footing the bills for my baby’s child, feeding, clothing and every other thing you can think of. I ask him to support, he will say that it is not in his plans for now.

Due to this expenditure, I have no more saving. I’m only a part time teacher who earns 20 thousand Naira monthly and I do not get paid during the holidays.

With everything he is doing to me, I still feed him sometimes, do all his laundry every weekend as a peace offering to him but all he does is tell me is to leave his life alone. He told me that some prophet told him my marriage to him will not work, despite all I’m doing to make him see things the other way.

There’s even no affection from him as a father to his baby. I have endured countless hardship with him, yet he insists that I leave him alone.

So, I told him that if he wants me to leave him alone, then he has to do it legally since he married me legally. But doesn’t want to do.

Recently, he packed out of our rented apartment when I was away without telling me. He just called me on phone to go and move my things and the baby’s because he is no longer living in the apartment anymore.

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He wants to dump me like a chicken he picked from the gutter. I’m depressed because I feel cheated. I have not done anything to deserve this treatment from him despite the fact that he is the only man I have ever had sex with in my whole life.

He met at 29 years old and I was a virgin till my wedding night. So why am I receiving all these cruel treatments from him? I need advices on how to go about this issue legally because I don’t want to be cheated like this for no reason.

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“Dear MIMsters: He Took My Virginity, Yet He Wants To Cheat Me This Way!”
  • it is so painful cos me being a virgin I no wat it means to u n d man u gave ur pride to treats u like a trash but all the same is not the end of the world, I guess he married u bcos u r a virgin n not bcos he loved u n dats one thing about the likes of us, don’t know who is marrying u for love or for ur virginity. another thing is maybe he feels that u starved him n made him suffer he went extra miles to get it n make u feel worse but in everything life must go on. get d both families involved and if the d situation couldn’t be arrested then let him officially divorce u making sure he plays his part in d child’s upkeep. pray to God for settlement He will settle u n u will be happy atlst.

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