Man Admits He Lets His Underage Kids Play with His Sex Doll (Photos)

A father who appeared on This Morning Show today with his sex robot called Samantha left viewers astonished after admitting that he lets his little children play with her.

Co-creator of sex dolls Arran Lee Wright, who gets to have sex with Samantha, said his 3 and 5-year-old children like being around Samantha and even ask where she is.

36-year-old Arran Lee Wright was on the daytime favorite to promote the hyper realistic doll when he talked about exposing his kids to his private sex doll.

Philip Schofield, a presenter of the show made a remark about the sex robot which is worth around £3,500 saying it feels like a corpse and he would rather make love to a GPS.

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The dad-of-two did not seem to like Philips comment as he defended his sex doll saying she had a lot of fun things programmed in her and could answer questions as she was not boring.

His speech left co-presenter of the show, Holly Willoughby stunned when he admitted Samantha is fitted with a ‘family mode’ function and watches TV with his kids aged five and three.

A visibly unimpressed Holly asked how the children would react when they’re older, and realize that their dad has sex with Samantha who is not their mother.

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Aran replied saying there was nothing wrong about the doll and its significance was to help people not replace women.

However his wife, Hannah Nguyen who was present disclosed that she was also happy to share her husband with the sex robot and even had a threesome with it.

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According to WalesOnline reports, those watching the programme flocked to Twitter in dismay after he admitted he lets his under age kids play with her.

A sex doll should be kept away from the innocent mind of kids, they do not need such exposure at such a tender age. Or what do you think?

Photo credit: WalesOnline

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