Woman Shows Off Her Dad Who Bags His First Degree At 54! (Photos)

A South African graphic designer and illustrator took to her Twitter page to congratulate her dad who just bagged his first degree at 54.

According to her, she was proud of him as he patiently waited for her to attain her own and eventually had his.

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She shared images of his graduation photos with captions:

“At age 54 my dad is graduating with his first degree today. It has always been his dream to have a degree. I am so proud of him❤️

Proud of my dad who obtained his first degree at age 54. Sometimes our parents put their dreams on hold for us. I love you dad ❤❤❤.”

We are also proud of @sino_rachel’s dad, at least he did not give up on his own dreams too.

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It is never too late to go to school, this young lady’s dad is a prove!

Photo credit: Twitter

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