South African Woman Gives Powerful Message as She Gifts Her Dad a New Home

South African television and radio personality, Pearl Modiadie has gifted her dad a brand new house.

In a recent interview with Youthvillage, Modiadie said building a big house for her father was something she had always wanted to do after she lost her mother at the age of 10. She felt the need to take care of her father the best way possible.

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“I feel fulfilled now that it has finally happened.

This has reminded me of how faithful God is and how he always keeps his promise that anything you ask for in my name, you shall receive.

I wanted it to be exactly what I had envisioned for my dad.”

Modiadie, who is set to marry soon, said it was important for her to take care of her family first before embarking on another life journey.

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She revealed that she was a huge fan of saving and she set aside money for the project, which turned out well and was glad her father loved it.

“It’s unfortunate when you see people living large while their parents and family members aren’t taken care of. I understand that some dynamics are different, but home should always come first.

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I’ve always been a huge fan of saving. So when I wanted to take this on, there was already money set aside for a project of this magnitude. My father loves it. He’s a proud dad right now, that’s for sure. He was surprised when I presented his gift and had a lot of questions to ask!”


The proudest moment of my life ????????❤️

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