How My Addiction to Social Media Almost Ruined My Son’s Life

Adesua Iyoyojie

They say too much  of everything is bad, but not to the extent of losing a life.

An acquaintance lost her 2 year old son to electric shock – she was catching up with her favorite Indian soap on Zee world. While she was engrossed with watching television, her son was playing with a naked wire in the house.

It was really a sad one .

His death really dealt a huge blow on her and highlights how addiction to technology can be dangerous.

I almost fell into that trap when my son stopped telling me things as usual.

Whenever he wanted to talk ,I was on my phone browsing and it fast became an addiction. His teacher in school had to call my attention because it affected his home work and output.

I was with family but didn’t really know what was happening at home because I was always in my room browsing. I started making more virtual friends and was neglecting those around me, I had to create a balance.

Some parents go though their social media page first before they check on their kids in the morning . They spend more time catching up on social media than catching up on their kids’ lives.

Here are ways you can be a parent and still have a social life:

1. Make plans for the day :
If you run a Facebook business page, you could dedicate some minutes to making posts . Go offline after doing some chores, come back online to return messages and interact. Don’t stay glued to your phone waiting on notifications

2.Watch only the repeats of your favorite programmes.                                                                                        They usually show it at night. Don’t spend the day glued to the TV screen

3. Start prioritizing.
You mustnt chat or socialize with everyone on your social media. Time is of the essence and your family needs it more than strangers.

4. Take a break.
Stay offline for a while especially if you can .
Spend time with family.

I almost lost my son’s friendship trying to manage my facebook friends and followers . Everything in life is about balance and how to deal with it.

What are your addictions, how do you deal with them?

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“How My Addiction to Social Media Almost Ruined My Son’s Life”

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